About Us

Love Go Camping is all about camping, trekking, traveling and backpacking. The key purpose of Love Go Camping is to make backpacking safer, easier and more enjoyable for every travel enthusiast out there. Our team of avid travelers direct its energies to inspire travel and let people know everything they need to know about our most-loved wild spaces through expert guides and in extensive gear reviews. 

Love Go Camping encourages travels to witness and feel nature at its finest. We understand that this mission brings a great responsibility with it. We encourage low-impact travel and trace-free backpacking techniques.

Love Go Camping was launched by a travelling fanatic Jeffrey Bergan with a view to make camping and backing easier for the backpackers out there. He wanted to increase his and his audience’s knowledge about everything related to backpacking where the internet failed to provide. While preparing for his first trekking through the Pacific Crest Trail, he faced many difficulties in finding the detailed information and guide he was looking for. This inspired him to the idea of Love Go Camping.

Love Go Camping started with a series of projects such as Essential Backpacking Skills, Best backpacking gear everyone should have. Today, it has grown into a detailed online guide for camping gears. We have a team of expert travellers who do extensive research, analyzing and testing to provide the best outdoor gear reviews to the consumers from around the world. Our expert guideline and reviews of camping gears help the backpackers select the ideal products that meet your personal specific needs and interests while staying within your budget.

We compare and contrast the top products from every corner of the internet for every category. We examine the gear after buying the product at retail and provide you with a completely objective and independent review. Our review editors test the product in detail, both in the field and in the lab to assess performance, durability, reliability and ease of use. We explain in detail why we ranked the product and provide you with insightful information about the product. 

We start the process of review with selection; we go through numerous products to pick the best ones for each category. We buy the selected products for detailed testing. For each category, we create a set of objective lab tests to provide the consumer with a fair basis for scoring. With side-to-side comparison, we are able to quantify important differences between the products. Also, we put the selected products through various field tests where we handle them in a rough way to see how the item holds up as compared to the competitors. Our testing fields are the streams of water, peaks of Alaska, the Cascades, the Rocky Mountain and the High Sierra. Our testers are avid backpackers, hikers, bikers, skiers, surfers and trail runners. Each of the testers has a keen eye for details and they know what an adventurer or a traveller needs. They are outdoor guides with hands-on experience with which they bring wisdom to our reviews.

Love Go Camping is supported by the readers; when a consumer clicks on the affiliate link and buys the product, we might earn commission to support our work. Our goal is to help the consumers around the world to find the best product that meets their needs. We succeed every time we help someone from our audiences to get to the right item for their situation. We understand that every person’s needs are different, thus we provide the best products in each category that makes browsing easier.